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Louisiana Delta 65 Logo - Promoting Rural Tourism Along US Highway 65 in Louisiana Wildlife Refuges welcome visitors in fun, educational, safe environments to learn about wildlife conservation... Delicious Southern food like boiled crawfish, fried green tomatoes, grits and so much more Beautiful sunsets, sunrises and outdoor natural beauty are all around in the Delta 65 area

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Bayou Cocodrie
National Wildlife Refuge

Byerley House Museum

CJ Walker

Crescent Plantation

Cushy Alpacas

Delta Music Museum

Delta Airlines Beginnings

Flag Plaza

Frogmore  Plantation


Grants Canal

Hermoine Museum

Jerry Lee Lewis Home Tour

Lake Bruin State Park

Lake Concordia

Lake Providence

Lake St. John

Louisiana Cotton Museum

Mississippi River

Poverty Point Historical Site

Tensas River
National Wildlife Refuge

Thomas Jason Lingo
Community Center 


Underground Railroad Marker

Winter Quarters

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There ought to be a law against anybody going to Europe until they have seen the things we have in this country.

- Will Rogers


Tensas Parish
Newellton, Saint Joseph, Cooter Point, Waterproof, Newlight, Somerset

Click for a closeup and list of Tensas attractions -Rich in History, Recreation, and Southern CharmTensas Parish has oxbow lakes, fish and game, history, and an unhurried, quiet charm.  Visit St. Joseph's historic district, Winter Quarters Plantation near Newellton, Burn Plantation at Waterproof.  The three oxbow lakes, Lake Bruin, Lake St. John, and Lake St. Joseph, each provide water sports and camping facilities.

In Tensas Parish, agriculture is big business and the local economy is driven by farming and farm-related businesses. Main crops include cotton, corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum.

Tensas Parish Courthouse - Photograph by Candice Head

Tensas Parish Courthouse Photo>


Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area  
(Access by road off LA 4 and 128 in Tensas parish, 14 miles northwest of St. Joseph)  
Over 8,955 acres of bottomland hardwood forest, state-owned wildlife area provides outdoor opportunities including hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing.

Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge
Over 63,000 acres in Tensas Parish and Madison Parish.  

Other attractions in Tensas Parish include Indian Mounds, Grant's March, Sunshine's Grave, RV Campground, Lake Bruin Golf & Country Club, Lakemont Plantation Home (Circa1856), Sudan Plantation Home (Circa 1820), Episcopal Church (Circa 1872), Wesley Chapel (Circa 1840), Myrtle Grove Plantation Home (Circa1810), Midway Plantation Home (Circa 1859), Moro Plantation Home (Circa 1859), Highland Plantation Home (Circa 1835) Methodist Church (Circa 1871), Enola Plantation Home (Circa 1840) and The Burn Plantation Home(Circa 1856).

Tensas Parish- Rich in History, Recreation, and Southern Charm


Hard Times Plantation - Tensas Parish
Staging area for a landing at Grand Gulf, Mississippi, about April 5, 1863... 

Netterville - 

See Tensas Parish Confederate Script - 

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Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge

Winter Quarters

Mississippi River

Lake Bruin     |  St. Joseph



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