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: : : : : T R A N S Y L V A N I A : : : : :

What town paints a BAT on its Not.Mine.Transylvania.Water.Tank.jpg (82466 bytes) water tower?  Transylvania!  Visit the General Store with a painting of Count Dracula on the window, and the funny message, "We're always glad to have new blood in town."

Eat at restaurants like Lea's Lunch Room; Dupuy's, where you can buy a sandwich and various macabre items. You can also buy hardware, rubber bats, skeletons, skulls, and T-shirts emblazoned with "Transylvania, Louisiana."

There's no "Count" but there are bats, and with the many mosquitoes in Louisiana, Transylvania is a perfect place to learn more about BATS.


"The Truth About Bats."

    Bat House Building

If you really want to control insects in your back yard or farm, build a bat house.  Keep the bug spray, just let bats help. 

Transylvania - The Truth About Bats graphic with haunted looking house and US65 highway signBats are natural predators that feed on mosquitoes and can play an important role in reducing insect-borne diseases. Encouraging these natural defenses should be an important part of long-term control whenever possible. 

Consider bat houses! Bats eat huge quantities of mosquitoes. But, like bluebirds and purple martins, bat populations are declining because they have nowhere to live. YOU can help reduce the number of insects in your yard by installing bat houses.

Experts say that the best results are to locate houses in forest habitats, small clearings near ponds, along forest roads or utility right-of-ways, and at the edge of forests.  The design is extremely important. Of the eight common types, the tallest and widest houses perform the best.  

LINKS to More Information

Excellent FAQs about Bats page:

Includes teaching links: )

Transylvania is located at 32.66� North, 91.25� West (ZIP Code Centroid). It is about 10 miles south of Lake Providence on U.S. Highway 65, at the junction with SR 581, not far from the Mississippi River.


Fun Ghost Sitings and Hauntings along Hwy 65



Why not consider a "Bat house fund-raising project"?!



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